The Beauty of …

There was this manga I read today, a bunch of collaborations between a whole bunch of authors and artists. Some were cute, some were different. They were all rather short and strange, unexplained. One particular story stood out in my mind. It was this one mansion where the eldest daughter asked the maid to remove all color from the house for a few days [maybe just one day] every year. Not even a smudge of color was allowed. The entire manga was black and white, like normal, but it was obvious when there was color because the reader could see the actual color. And apparently the whole reason for removing the color was to appreciate the color of the sakura trees.

I’m not saying the end result was great. It was interesting, but what really caught my attention was the simple idea of being able to remove color. Like erasing. That’s amazing.


1 Response to “The Beauty of …”

  1. 1 momo August 26, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    That’s like selective color photography, right?

    I think that’s pretty cool, but if it was used in movies it’d be cooler. But I think it’d distract people too much (having a black and white film except for certain objects would draw attention to that object instead of the scene….but it could be effective if used correctly).

    I like reading your blog, but post on Tumblr too! And goodluck at RU. Keep in touch :P And you still owe me cookies.

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