Second Person

A few days ago in my creative writing class we went over the three points of view you can have while writing: first, second, and third. Now, someone once told me [and I believe it was either a teacher or a textbookk] that there wasn’t really such a thing as second person. So I was pretty surprised when my instructor [??] told us what second person writing really was. It’s basically putting the reader in your shoes, or letting the reader believe they are you. Then we did a writing assignment in class where we wrote down one specific memory in first, second and third person, and I must say writing in second person is really fun. I wouldn’t do it all the time, but for some specific moments it seems like a great idea to me. I’ll just write a little bit now in second person. It could be fiction or real. That’s pretty much up to you, the reader, to decide. [There’s also someone playing guitar down the hall.]

It’s really quiet. You glance down the hallway, hoping to see a person, or any other sign of life, but it’s quiet. The door across the hall from you was open an hour ago, but now it’s closed. You think the inhabitant left a little while ago, probably when you were up on your bunk bed reading a book and drinking some of that yogurt drink you like so much. What to do now? You’re room is quiet. Your roommate is missing, probably out somewhere having fun. You’ve already sent a text to your best friend, letting her know you’ve come back, but she hasn’t answered you yet. Perhaps she’s sleeping and hasn’t heard the phone. From all the times you’ve tried waking her up, you know that she’s a relatively heavy sleeper. Maybe it’s time to wander around and find the other residents. But you haven’t finished reading your homework assignment so you start again. The words are a little less than dull but definitely not enough to keep your attention. Then you hear something. Piano music coming from somewhere. You think it might be the piano that’s down in the basement, but wonder how you could be hearing it two floors up. Then you think that maybe it’s coming through the ventilation system and you take a look around but you can’t find anything.
You finally finish reading the essay, actually starting to skim because you want to find the person playing the piano. It’s really nice. Whoever’s playing is very good. You grab your phone and key and rush down the stairs and almost walk into two Asian girls who are going up. Keeping your head about you, you say hello and walk into the lounge to find it’s deserted.

Okay. My roommate got back and we tried to figure out how to put the little message board into the door.

We don’t bite.


2 Responses to “Second Person”

  1. 1 pkmunches October 2, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    I fixed the Asian thing, thanks Mo. I don’t feel like looking for “your room” so I’m not. I think it was those two girls playing because when I went down there, there was no one else there. I never really found out XD

  2. 2 momo September 13, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    It’s “YOUR room is quiet.” And Asian is capitalized. Sorry to nitpick :P But I liked it. Who was playing the piano?

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