stuck in a hole

one day a man was driving down the road when he heard clunk he got out of his car and looked back but couldnt see anything so he walked around to the other side and looked down and saw the rear wheel of his car was no longer on the road instead it was sunk in a hole in the road or rather it had become trapped in the hole the man had no idea what to do because he definitely did not have the strength to lift the truck out of the deep hole if his friend had been with him then they definitely would have been able to do it but of course his friend wasnt there so he was stuck with his truck in a hole he sat down by the side of the road and decided to think out what to do the nearest place with a phone was five miles ahead and ten miles behind him walking was out of the question because it would be dark soon the sun was already beginning to set tinging the sky a red purple color there were no lights out here in the country so he would be surrounded by darkness soon if he decided to walk and he had no flashlight he could carry with him the man really had no idea what he could do while sitting there he noticed a figure in the distance hazy due to the surface heat evaporating into the atmosphere the figure came closer and he realized the figure was a car driving towards where he had come from the man ran to the other side of the road and began waving his arms to hail the car the car slowed to a stop in front of the man and the driver stuck his head out the window he began yelling at the man telling him to move out of his way or he would run him over the man went closer to the car and began explaining his situation about being stuck in a hole the driver looked towards the car on the other side of the road and then stared at the man the man noticed there was another guy inside the car with the driver and both of these men looked a little suspicious finally after a little while of silence the driver motioned for the man to get in the car once the man had settled into the back seat the car began moving again towards the town ten miles away

twenty minutes later the car arrived in the town that was ten miles away and stopped at the gas station two people exited the car there was no third person in the car the driver and the passenger both entered the gas station store and then left a few minutes later climbed into their car and then drove off never to be heard from again

ten miles away from town there was a hole on the side of the road one would use to leave the town from there was no car and there was no indent in the grass where a man sat no more than a half hour ago

what happened


1 Response to “stuck in a hole”

  1. 1 momo November 1, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Are you stuck in a hole?

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