Sins of the Loose Buttons

We want what we can’t have and if we get a taste of it, we only want it that much more. It hurts, maybe, knowing that we can’t get it, but we do what we can and enjoy it while it lasts. Dreams are only dreams if we can never attain them, right? After that, they’re no longer dreams but something that once was a dream that has now come true, like a fairy tale.

Having a wish that might or might not come true keeps us dreaming and wishing on that shooting star, but once we know it’s attainable, do we keep on dreaming about it? Do we expand that dream to encompass the universe? When we realize it’s unattainable, then what do we do but cry about it and keep hoping it will one day come true, even though we know somewhere in the backs of our hearts and minds that it will never happen. This story was never meant to be. That kind of thing. Who knows, maybe dreams, that should never be dreams, really do come true.

I hope mine finds that shooting star that brings my wish up to heaven, or down to earth, one day, someday, soon.

I can dream, can’t I?


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