experimentation with a new nation

So I guess I decided I could start putting pictures in my posts, when I remember or feel like it or when I find something worth putting up. I kind of got tired of the plain and boring old look so I decided to experiment with other stuff. I still plan on changing some things around but I think I’ll definitely wait until school let’s out to try some more things. All the html I learned years ago is way forgotten at this point, so I think I’m going to try to relearn some of that so I can fix this place up a bit so I won’t be so hesitant to write on here.

Also thinking of a new name for this place. Along with the little subtitle.

Summer’s coming and I really want to start writing again. Not writing for the sake of writing, but writing for myself. If I want to become a writer, I need to write much more often than I do now. I’ve met some people in this past year that have made me realize just how unmotivated I am. One of my really great friends is such a great writer and the amount he reads and writes makes me jealous. I wish I could care about it as much as he does. But in the end, I know that’s silly because that’s not how I function. I’m the kind of person who will go with the flow and not worry about things until they come up. Especially with my writing. I don’t have anything in mind with what I want to write. If I think of something, then I’ll write about it. Perhaps one day I’ll get to the point where I know what I want to write way beforehand, but where I am now, I am not that person.

I want a typewriter.

Always wanting. Never doing.

This summer is going to be a summer of changes and progress. No more fooling around is allowed. I will travel. Have fun with friends. Travel with friends. I will write pages upon pages until my mind can’t function anymore and all my thoughts are a jumbled mess. I will write until my fingers are tired of typing or scribbling words frantically onto the page. I will buy or find notebooks for writing and fill them to the brim with thoughts and little scribbles or whatever pops into my head.

One day, when I own my own house, I want a special room in the house covered with words on the walls and ceiling and floor, words I will write on there in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors. Best room ever.

Photo cred: pokethemishu.deviantart.com aka me


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