You Built up a World of Magic

Second guess the place you’ve made for yourself,
the view you can see from your window at night.

Stop believing in the people you’ve met
and the places that have made your heart flutter
because they’re not as they seem to be.

Imagine that life would be so much better
without your silly thoughts of love and make believe
that you pretended could keep that smile on your face,
it’s a lie but you have yet to know it.

Spare yourself the misery of knowing how to laugh
or smile, for that matter, because it seems the world
doesn’t understand the price of a heart
being broken by the people you thought would never
leave you by yourself.

Second chances don’t pass by often enough
for the tears in your soul to open up and be known
it’s a little too late for any apologies but you take them
putting them away into little corners of little spaces
no one will ever know.

Perfection lasts but sand still falls from within an hourglass
ticking away the amount of time left you have
until your wishes run out and you’re left to
your own devices to believe in the world outside.

Eating away at your soul are the dreams you wished you never had
but still do because who can fulfill them except
you you you who waits for a day that will never come.

Sympathy waves its handkerchief as she watches you go
knowing you will never find what you are looking for.


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