artistic poetry

we cannot escape our reality

look up into the skies only to find your way mirrored by what you’ve left behind

you said you want to know what it’s like to kiss a girl without seeing clearly
well here’s her face except what you’re looking at is a tree
but if it were her face this is what you would see.
beautiful, isn’t it?

…our minds wander, waving in and out, the breeze pulling this way and that but there’s no place to stay so we don’t, we just follow the sun around the world.

conceptualize it

you in the distance, who do i see?

many have walked these weathered shores to where our fathers lie but only those who have seen the wars may cross to the other side

a bench a bench,
for where can I find a more serious bench
on the concrete ground
it’s been laid to rest
a bench beneath
the tree.


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