Before we burn up and die…

… let’s
make love one last time
jump into the ocean with our clothes still on
pretend we’re little children and catch fireflies in glass jars
run around in the pouring rain and feel alive
swing higher and higher on the swings until we can reach the stars
blow dandelion seeds into the summer air
catch the first winter’s snowflakes on our tongues
laugh and smile our way into the camera’s eye
drive fast with the windows down and music blasting
believe in wishes coming true at 11:11
slow dance and fast dance in the confines of the room with the music on or off
kiss quickly
kiss slowly
savor the moments that no one will ever think about
hug and never let go
hold our breaths until our faces turn blue
say our last goodbyes
soar higher than the highest bird
climb mountains or those really steep hills just for fun
watch the sunset over and over again and still want to see another one
spend time with the ones we care about the most
wake up early
catch the sunrise and fall asleep after getting home
take meaningful pictures of whatever we see
travel to the places we want to go to
miss someone dear to us
talk through the night and the birds who wake up too early
shower in the same bathroom no matter what gender
fall asleep in each others’ arms
sing at the top of our lungs to our favorite songs
be whatever we want to be when we grow up
start at the end and end at the beginning of our days together.


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