Your Tiny Dancer

His eyes followed her across the floor. The way she swayed, her slender hips flowing like the ocean waves, her liquor-infested glowing face– he wanted to join her. He watched as many young bucks made their way across the floor and caught her hand, placed the small of her back in his palm, and swung across the floor. One fraction of a dance passed before she dismissed him and moved on to her own little dance recital, the whole bar her audience. He could not bring up the courage to join her.

A glance.

Their eyes connected for one long lingering second before her lips curved up seductively revealing the faintest hint of the white bones lining her mouth. Then her heavily lidded eyes passed him by on their way around to face the darkness of the dance floor.

Courage was all he needed. If it hadn’t been for that stare he could have waited at the bar the entire night, but now he needed to be there, be the one wrapping his arms around her waist, slide a finger around a beltless belt loop and hold her captive in his arms while she danced him into the ground. Courage, a thing of the past he no longer had.

He found himself being pushed aside and pushing back, sea kelp moving in a rhythmic movement with the beat blasting from the speakers. She flitted away from him, he could feel the split ends of her hair leaving his grasp. Suddenly she was there and her fierce, unjudging eyes looked into his and he cowered but stood his ground. Her slender hands grasped his and they formed their bodies together, moving as one syllable, one weave in the fabric across the room. He clutched her tightly to him, swinging and swaying, the drinks enabling a haze to take over his mind and let his body do the talking.

She was beautiful. She is beautiful. Beauty, she was.

His hands ran up and down her sides, caressing her curves, her thighs, skimming her breasts and her butt, threading through her hair. They breathed in unison, breaths of sweat and alcohol poisoning the air. Bodies moved around them but like a breeze they emerged untouched.

It was gone in minutes. She unlatched his hands from her pants. Still high from the adrenaline he gazed unfixed at her pinkish parted lips that pouted together and reemerged as a whole, all the while as she tore herself away from his longing embrace. His heartbeat pounded in his head, mixing with sound that shook the floorboards. He could not see her anymore.


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