You’re Everything I Never Asked For

What can I say? I love you so much. I miss you when you’re not here and I miss you at the thought of leaving you until the next time. Even as I type this I’m waiting for your phone call and deciding whether or not I should interrupt whatever it is you’re up to. I miss you. I love you.

This isn’t unhealthy, it’s the healthiest I’ve been in a while. I want to be happy for you so I do my best to smile, though that’s not hard. Just thinking of you and your silly antics makes me laugh to myself about whatever adventures you might be having today. This is being healthy. Knowing that I’m making you happy and knowing that you’re making me happy.

Comparing is just no use, because everyone is different, but if I had to compare, I’d say you’re the best. You’re everything I never knew I wanted until I had it and I love it, and more. So much more than I could ever have hoped for.

I know I’ve said this before,  but I’m saying it again because it’s just that true. Thank you for making me feel alive.


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