The days forgotten

Are the days counted consecutively or whenever I post here again? I don’t really know. By reckoning and normal rules, I should be on day four [oh funny, I started day 1 on the 21st. Easy way to count] but I haven’t been back here since now so I guess I’ll call this Day 2.

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. I am rather organized. Except for my desk. Which is a very organized tornado.
2. I love applesauce. I definitely don’t get to eat it enough, but now that I’m buying the food there’s going to be lots more applesauce consuming.
3. After so many boyfriends and guy friends who play video games and ignore me to play video games or hang out with me and play video games, I’m kind of really sick of guys who play video games. If it’s every once in a while, that’s okay.
4. I judge people, in my head, and depending on what I label that person I either like them or don’t. It’s strange how the people I never liked, even though I barely knew them, turned out to be what I figured they would turn into. It’s funny how life works sometimes.
5. [Gosh, only on five. I think the alcohol’s kicking in.] I am a terrible artist. I have no idea how I wound up taking art lessons or doing art in Chinese school or in Creative Arts, but I am a terrible artist. It just takes too much time. Doodling. That’s all I do.
6. I love my sister. Even though we have our moments where we get in the way or fight and stuff, I still have a special fondness for her. Even after all those years of unused art supplies for her birthday…
7. Drugs are cool. In moderation. Being addicted is not cool. I can control myself and I’m proud of that fact.
8. The only thing I can ever find interesting to write about in essays for such wide topics is my Chinese heritage. I know, boring. But it’s the only thing that’s cool! People think I’m cool. I’m really not that awesome on paper. Only in person. It kinda sucks.
9. [Last one!] If I make it as an author one day, I want a cute little house with my lovely boyfriend. There will be a porch and we’ll have a cat and a dog and maybe a turtle, depending on where we live. Or some other cute little animal. Like Salamadander. I don’t really care what color the walls are, but for one of the rooms I want to just splash paint at the walls. It will be fun. That’ll be the fun room. Oh, and secret rooms. Those are cool too. <3


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