What do we know about love?

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1. Be courteous, not just to me but to other people too.
2. Be yourself. I’m only going to love you for you.
3. Stand out to me. This goes with number 2. If you act like yourself there will be some way you stand out to me.
4. Surprise me with little things, not just the big things. Sweet, insubstantial, material, anything.
5. Have fun with me. Sometimes I want to let go, and it’d be nice if you could join me.
6. Hold my hand. Hug me. Shower me in kisses. Public Displays of Affection. Displays of Affection everywhere. Kiss while waiting for the baggage claim <3
7. Cook for me. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
8. Just be there for me. All the time.


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