What is the Value of Money?

Why is our society run by a system of dollar bills that are completely worthless in the long run? Money will not feed us or provide us shelter when all the food has run out. Money is only the new barter system that has racked up so much fame that fortune simply isn’t worth it anymore. We need money because our society runs on money [not Dunkin], but I’d much rather we went back to the old days where we could barter with the foods we had to get other foods or perhaps other homemade items.

I don’t think I truly understand the value of money, especially large amounts, because I have never dealt with such a large quantity of money. The younger generation has not had the experience they need to deal with it. Almost every single class I teach, this one girl will offer me money. She’s giving away perfectly good money she could save up and buy something with but she doesn’t understand that everyone needs money to survive, including herself. She’s too young to understand. The importance of earning enough money to sustain yourself and your family isn’t fully realized until we’re out in the real world, left to fend for ourselves, but by then it’s too late! All our lives we are coddled by our parents, given this and that, not understanding that while our parents are giving us everything they are sacrificing their own needs for ours and still losing money to tax and other material items.

Perhaps money and understanding its value is one of those bits of wisdom you can only attain by living forever. It would make sense. The older you are, the more you see of how certain things affect other things. Money would definitely be one of these things. I just hate that I can’t accomplish the things I want to because I am limited, not by imagination or creativity, but money. Money does not show my worth. It can’t tell the world that I am a capable human being. Only I can. It’s ridiculous that rich people can do whatever they want because they have the money to do it, even if what they want to do is dumb. There are so many people out there who could change the world a little bit at a time, but the only thing holding them back is a financial crisis.

We live in ridiculous times.


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