an ocean tide swells and eddies

I see the cold looks
the quietness that descends
awkward “hello”s and “how are you”s
as you enter the room.
I see you shrug it off,
smile your best and
act like friends
even if they’re not.
Don’t worry. I see
everything and you
don’t need to try.
They’re just jealous
of your freedom, jealous
of the great risk
you have taken.
They don’t know or
don’t care to understand
your hardships, quests
to succeed because they
are too focused on their
own needs to feel loved,
being spoiled by mommy and daddy,
to be someone they don’t
know if that’s who they
are willing to be.
Don’t take it to heart.
I’ll always be here, for you,
for me. I’m proud of
all you have striven to be.


Sometimes the worst things can bring you down but there will always be people there who will bring you up. Worrying about the ones who have let you down isn’t going to fix anything.


1 Response to “an ocean tide swells and eddies”

  1. 1 freight-trains to elysium November 23, 2010 at 2:01 am

    thanks, kiddo

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