money solves everything

what is the world coming to?
I’ve got children bribing me with money
attempts to make me feel better
but all it does is make me sicker,
children who don’t appreciate the knowledge
the special education they’re receiving
and their parents don’t know how they’re behaving
spoiling them, giving them what they want
so the child will shut up and leave them alone
while they go squander what little money they
have left at the nearest shopping mall.
Then they’re angry when teachers send letters
home saying “Little Suzy isn’t doing her homework and
she thinks money can fix anything”
what do they know, these stupid teachers,
my daughter, my son is the smartest little pest,
doesn’t need homework or grades so I’ll pull him
out of school and teach him myself.
Now little Suzy is 18 and trying to apply to college
but can barely pass the SAT her math is okay
but reading is poor and now she’s regretting
all those missed homeworks and her rich
mother homeschooling her, but that just meant
tutors and sneaking out to the clubs and
bars when she was barely 12 years old
but the bouncers, they let her in because she
looked, dressed, danced, and drank like she
was 18. She’s no angel anymore, mommy and
daddy fight all the time so she goes to the
store and buys two packs, one for now and
the second for when the first runs out.
25 years now and bribing people with money
doesn’t work as well as it used to because
now money doesn’t pour from the parents
who spoiled her, buried long ago in the ground
and now living on life savings and a
waitress-ing job that barely makes the rent
who will she bribe anyhow, college officials
won’t accept her so there’s no use going back
to school to maybe get a degree in
edumacation because, hell, she barely listened
to her own teachers how was she going to be
one herself?
All the while I’m on the sidelines making
rent every month while trying to educate
the fine children of own our decline but out
they go, out the window looking for the last
sunrise that will mark the end of mankind
handing me with it the five dollar bill
mommy just handed her for snacks this morning.


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