“girls can’t be astronauts”

I’ve also decided [continuation from previous post] that everytime I log on I have to update this, not just when I feel like it, otherwise this thing will never get finished. I vow to see this to the end.

[Side note: The title for this post is a line from a poem I wrote, hence the quotation marks. I may not be published, but I will still quote myself and other people. They are our words.]

Day 5 — Your dreams

Dear Dreams,

Perhaps it’s ironic that “Mad World” is playing right now. Regardless, Dreams, you’ve changed so much over the years, I can barely recognize you anymore. First you inspired me to teach the younger generations, teach them to learn to dream as I am dreaming. Then you transformed this desire into  a written form and I aspired to write for the remainder of my life. I hoped to be an author, then a writer, then a poet, then a writer once again. At this point, I know I want to do something with the written word.

Then you spun me in a circle and pointed me in a different direction. There’s a sign above the door that spells out “Runcible Spoon” and behind the windows I see myself and Tate running our little coffee shop that appeared as a dream does, out of nowhere and yet subconsciously relates to everything, we just don’t want to admit it to ourselves. This is probably the most outlandish dream I’ve had so far. I have no idea what I can do now, in the present, to reach it except keep dreaming and thinking about it, writing down the things I think of for the future. Though it may the strangest, I think it might be the best so far.

Then there are the dreams. I dream such strange dreams and I really can’t say much about you because, obviously,  it is difficult the remember what you are when I wake up. Sometimes, in the past, you have been premonitions and sometimes you are merely my heart stressing out and putting to life my fears. Whatever you are, keep up the work and make my sleep more interesting.

I can’t wait to meet you in the near future. Hopefully we will finally see eye-to-eye someday soon.


PS. Perhaps you are the reason why I love architecture.


2 Responses to ““girls can’t be astronauts””

  1. 1 shibbani July 16, 2012 at 12:30 am

    my name is Shibbani and i am willing to be an astronaut

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