Hey, you there.

Day 6 — A stranger

Dear Stranger,

This is not for a single stranger, but probably for all those strangers I have ever watched on the bus, on the train, driving by in cars while I ride in the backseat on long car rides. I wonder what they are up to in their lives, if they’re going where they want to go, or are they stuck there as I am also stuck there, following the path that’s been partially laid out for me and left for me to follow all the way through.

Perhaps that’s where my waving to strangers occurred. I just wanted a little something to brighten the lives of others. In the bus, I’ll wave to someone driving by. In the car, wave to a kid or the driver staring out the window just as I am. On the train, smile at the people standing on the platform. Everyone’s going through some kind of hard time in their life and we all learn to put the smiles in the front while we hold our fears behind.

I sometimes wonder at the ability of some people who so easily talk to people they obviously don’t know. I guess I could say I’m jealous of them, but not really because it’s not something I would normally do. It still amazes me though, how some people manage to be so friendly to people they don’t know. It’s a kind of wonder to me, like the Seven Wonders of the World, sort of but not really.

So, I applaud you, strangers who are friendly to other strangers. I applaud you, strangers who mind their own business and don’t care about the person sitting next to you on the bus. I applaud you, selfish men and women who couldn’t give two shits about helping some elderly person up the steps or across the streets. This is what we have become.


PS. I applaud you but I also applaud myself for being like other strangers. I don’t know how to change, or if it’s worth it.


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