just some thoughts

This place stinks of rotting creativity, thrown away dreams for someone else’s unattained future. This is not their life but yours. The smell sifts around the rooms, through the vents and into our souls. It settles slowly so when you come to the realization you sit still and think, dream of what you are not achieving. But then you throw it away, push it aside and continue on your way.

You put off what you can do now for tomorrow. Maybe it’s because your fingers are tired, you don’t want to type, your head can’t think straight, now enough sleep in your system eats away at your consciousness. Perhaps it’s the pain in your mouth from the teeth you just lost unwillingly. You don’t even remember falling asleep. This is reality. This is the place where dreams come to die but not before you put off this and that for another day. You figure, it can wait another day or two. It’s no good though. The longer you wait the more you understand that waiting is bad and you need to get off your lazy fat ass and work work work. You just can’t seem to get yourself up though.


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