we could share an infinity together

Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Dear Sister,

I’ve known you for all your life and yet sometimes I feel like I don’t know you at all. Perhaps it’s in the way we were both raised. We don’t speak our minds except perhaps on paper or through art. I don’t find things out except when you are prodded by my questions. I tell you things, and hope you will reciprocate, but more often than not it is a one-sided conversation. I wish, oftentimes, that we could be those sisters who braid each others’ hair and tell each other stories before we go to bed. Remember those sleepovers we used to have in each others’ room? Those were fun. But if I remember it correctly, I was the one who started it. I find myself being the fun one, and you often say to yourself and your friends that I am the child and you are the adult. But I think you are wrong, in that aspect. You try to act more mature than you actually are because you know you haven’t grown up enough. Perhaps it’s not in your character to act all bubbly like me, but when I see those pictures of you laughing with your friends, I wonder why that can’t be you and me.

There are times when we get together and act together, when we’re in situation we’re not familiar with, but I wish that would happen most of the time, rather than you being moody and me being sad that you won’t talk to me. You spend your life on the computer now or in front of the television screen. You haven’t learned yet that there is a world outside where you should be spending your time. I hope you grow up soon. I love you dearly and would like to meet you.



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