first order of business

Her lungs gasped for air as she surfaced in the shallow tub, heaving in the sweet oxygen, begging for the space to take in more air and free itself from the burden it had just undergone to satisfy her curiosity of seeing how long she could hold her breath underwater. While she slowly relaxed into a state of rare calm, neither happy nor sad, but rather aware of the gentle tide lapping at her naked butt pushing her back and forth. How peculiar, that such a small bathtub and a small girl could cause such a strong tide. One wonders what the tides of the ocean would do to someone her size. Probably capsize her.
She brought her knees up to her chest and curled herself over them, placing her head between her moist knees. She closed her eyes and breathed in the musky aroma of humidity caused by scorching hot water in an enclosed bathroom. There was nowhere for her to go but inside her mind where she became one with the water and felt herself slipping down into its depths to submerge herself in mind body and soul. Subconsciously she removed her arms from around her legs and placed them in the water, moving them in a slowly flowing forward fashion, fingers pressed together gently, arching in the fashion of dolphins and whales who are at home in the water. She found her hand unwillingly moving to the surface every time she arched. Her natural buoyancy was keeping her hand afloat. In a haze she wondered if other mammals had that same floating ability as humans, thinking it probably annoying if they were trying to stay submerged.
The sudden thought rose her out of her stupor and she slowly moved towards the stopper and pulled it up, unblocking the natural flow of water down into the drain. Still in a slight fog akin to that of the air in the bathroom, she stood up slowly, holding the dewed walls to support sea-legs unaccustomed to standing. Then she pushed aside the shower door and grabbed her towel to dry herself off.


I took a bath today and really let myself enjoy the experience. It was really nice to just relax and enjoy myself, pretend I don’t have to go back to school tomorrow. I even read in the bathtub, for the first time. Although the moment I started I put my right hand into the water, so I had to reach outside and dry it off before I could continue reading. It’s a strange thing to get accustomed to. But anyway, there’s just something about the bathroom that makes for really good thinking space. I find I can think a lot better when I’m showering or on the toilet. I don’t know why. But the thinking leads to more creative processes which is pretty awesome. Although I forget the ideas the moment I’m done with whatever I was in the bathroom for. Sometimes I wish I could get that time back, or that I could remember to bring a pen and paper with me when I enter the bathroom for an extended period of time other than to wash my hands.


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