April Fools makes me…

This post really has nothing to do with April Fool’s Day except for the fact it’s already April and I haven’t posted much or written much since the start of the semester, which makes me cry and makes me pretty mad at myself.

Recently I’ve been looking for internships for Summer 2011, but it’s harder than I thought it’d be. With the decrease in job positions there’s also a decrease in internships and other such jobs that students like myself need to keep themselves seemingly important before they make it to the real world. On a happier note, I did manage to become a contributor for Business 2 Community where I  write whatever I want without making it too political, too CNN sounding, and too personal. This is kind of good because my mind is constantly on the look out for things to write about. During class my mind will be thinking “Oh maybe I can write about this or that” but then I wonder if perhaps that’s too personal or too boring or whatever. Also, I need to submit five articles a week. That’s not too bad, but it kind of is when I don’t even know what to write. It’s my first time doing anything similar to this. I have no experience in this area and thus have a harder time searching for internships because when they ask for a writing sample, rather than having one on the spot I’ll need to make one up; this is difficult due to the no experience.

The semester is almost over and I’d like to find an internship that requires me to work someplace else rather than at home. I’d like to meet new people, maybe have an excuse to go to the city for work or something. Working at home on my computer just means reading manga all day and my parents yelling at me to find a job even when I already have one. What a dilemma.


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