It’s been a while

I almost didn’t remember my username and began typing in my email instead. Almost didn’t remember my password either but then I remembered.


The real point of today’s post was this xkcd comic which actually got me a little scared for a while in the middle around year 2034 or so. All of the technology and things that it said might happen or could possibly happen just seemed to really dawn on me and I realized how advanced we are and how those things could definitely be possible within the next few decades. However, once I began thinking I couldn’t imagine life with those things. Me, the person who fabricates dystopian worlds for her stories, can’t imagine living in a world where newspapers are obsolete. It’s scary! I realized what people must have felt like back in the 50’s or so [my timing with years is always very off] when life was changing dramatically. Women were given rights, going to school, people were playing around with drugs. The birth control pill was invented. Hell, even when the computer was invented. People must have thought the world was going to end. That’s exactly how I felt when I read this comic. It was just so astounding that it was possible and yet to foreign to me.

I’m better now, but it’s an even better reason to simply live in the here and now and appreciate what might or might not come tomorrow.


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