So Much Change

There’s been so much change to wordpress since the last time I spent a great amount of time on it. It’s going to take some getting used to but I think my new project will give me plenty of time to do that.

I’ve been considering the idea of a new blog, but with that comes the hassle of making a new name and setting it up again and then there’s always the first post, which is a giant “Welcome to this blog of mine” waste of time. Therefore, even though I’m still keeping that idea in mind, I thought, why don’t I just use the blog I have right now and do what I want to do with the new blog to this old blog of mine. Everything is already set up, I’ll just have to do some major changes. Hopefully this will help me organize my thoughts and everything I want to accomplish in life and, most importantly, find out what I want out of my life.

Rainy days are always the best for thinking and doing things. In case you were wondering what that has to do with anything, it is pouring right now. The sky is that light shade of grey, almost a light baby blue, but still casts down a dark shadow of heavy rain. The world I stare at is so green, filling itself up on it’s best meal in months. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s been raining an insane amount this summer. The trees don’t need another meal that’s just going to make them fat. Actually, that’s a lie too, because trees don’t get fat. The grass and concrete on the other hand are flooding.

Until next time, toodles! Beware of construction!


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