Look to the future

I decided recently that I need to ‘spice up’ my wardrobe. I never actually thought of it that way until I was talking to a friend of mine today and the phrase just formed in my head and popped out of my mouth without a second thought. Well, actually, it did have a second thought, right after I said it, the thought “Ah! That describes it perfectly!” So that’s what I’m doing, spicing things up.

It’s not like I have a horrible wardrobe. It’s pretty okay. It’s mostly filled with cami’s or shirts that are for comfort, jeans and more jeans and not really anything that is particularly nice. If you couldn’t tell, I don’t go out on a daily basis, otherwise I’d probably have some nicer things. I do, of course, have some nice things, but I want to start making a conscious effort to dress nicely sometimes. I’m already a junior and pretty soon will have to venture into the adult world and I don’t want to dress like a teenager. I want to dress like a classy young adult. Why? A big part of getting a job is always looking nice. And I would like a job.

Maybe this started when I decided that I want to start wearing more dresses and skirts. I love dressing up, but once I do I think I look strange, mostly because I’m not used to seeing myself in that way. However, this spring and summer I wet out and bought some cute dresses and skirts and since the school year has started I have worn more dresses and skirts that I have in my whole two years at school already. Wow.

The next step, of course, is buying nice clothes, but with limited money, I decided maybe I should start with becoming more interested in fashion. Which, of course, to me, means looking at ads and ripping out the pictures of nicely dressed people or people I would not mind looking like [not physically, but clothing wise]. And shoes. I need nice shoes, except my boyfriend disagrees. I disagree with him.

So perhaps by the time I graduate from college I will look awesome and sophisticated. I’ll cross my fingers. And maybe I’ll finally have learned how to use a sewing machine and can make my own clothes. That’s something I really want to do and will help with the ‘no money to buy clothes’ part of this giant make-over plan.


1 Response to “Look to the future”

  1. 1 Margi September 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    It’s interesting that you talk about this because I’ve been trying to do the same. More skirts and dresses, haha! I’ve been donating my graphic-tees and trying to buy some more… “sophiscated’ clothes. But I still can’t shop at J.Crew, or Banana Republic, or any stores like that… Too costly and it just doesn’t feel like my style… ><

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