The Little Things that Make Life Enjoyable

WordPress was kind enough to tell me that this would be my 100th post, so since my last few posts have been a little crazy and fueled, I figured I should make this marker something special. To commemorate this moment, I decided to write about the little things in life. What do I mean when I say “little things” though? I’m talking about those times when you suddenly stop and pay special attention to whatever is happening to you or around you. You may never notice it, but at that certain time it is special. It is a “little thing” that creates a big impact.

Last night, at work, I happened to look out the window and saw the most beautiful sky. It was a cloudy mess of red and orange melting together behind the dark trees. It was also a nice contrast to the car lights that floated down the highway at 65 mph. What made it super special, though, was that it was a complete surprise. It made me realize just how long it had been since I looked and truly appreciated the sky that I see everyday. I also noted that a few nights ago when I was driving home and the sky was dark but there were little clouds here and there. People go out and see the sunrise or the sunset on purpose all the time. You should try it sometime. If anything, it makes for great pictures.

Popping the Public Bathroom Cherry
Every morning, the janitorial staff cleans the public bathroom, whether it be a company bathroom or a school restroom. Anything that is shared and is not in your own private house is listed under this. My point, though, is about being the first one in the bathroom right after the staff has finished cleaning. You walk into the stall and the toilet seat is still up, the roll is full and you have to rip it to get it started. There may even be blue water in the bowl! What makes the experience even better is when you are the only one in there and the silence of newness is all around you. It makes you feel special, almost like being in your home, until of course someone walks in.

Rainy Days
After days and days of sun there comes that one day that just starts cloudy and you know it is going to rain by the end of the day. Now sometimes this isn’t a good thing, but sometimes it’s what you really want. It’s like an excuse to stay inside and do nothing. Or, if it’s a giant thunderstorm, it’s an excuse to snuggle up with that certain someone. When it pours it is also a great time to take a walk. Sometimes there are just days and days of rain right when you don’t want it but then finally everything happening to you catches up and you suddenly don’t hate the rain so much. In fact, the rain just seems to echo exactly how tired and depressed you’re feeling and it makes you almost relieved to feel such a way. The weather is strange like that.

Coffee Shop Windows
This is very particular. I could have written “coffee shop”, but I didn’t because the windows and what make a coffee shop. I know, not the coffee. If you go into a coffee shop during a busy hour, the window seat is always taken. Why? Because it offers a wonderful view of the world! Cats love looking out windows, and actually, so do people if they stop for a moment and actually look. When you sit at the window you watch all these people that walk by, focused on their own world and it might get you thinking about your own. It does for me, anyway. Plus, these people usually don’t see you watching, so it’s a perfect stalker opportunity! Just kidding. I do not advocate stalking.

Writing and Receiving a Letter
In recent news the Postal Office of the United States has said that they will be getting rid of a bunch of jobs, all because people do not write or receive letters anymore. The postman’s job is becoming obsolete. This is rather sad because letters are so reminiscent of good old times. If they don’t, then you probably haven’t had any fun times. Kidding! Letters actually have special powers to make the receiver feel special and also have the ability to make the sender feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a double-edged sword of happiness. When a letter arrives for you from someone, not a corporation, it makes you feel loved. Someone out there wanted to send you this letter. They spent the time to type or write [even better!] whatever it is you are reading and then they licked the envelope and put on the stamp and placed it in the mailbox. Do you know how that feels? If you don’t, go out and write a letter, right now. Then you can feel the gratitude of writing a letter for someone, all your feelings and thoughts enclosed on pieces of paper and you hope they get across to the receiver. There is nothing better in the world than letters, except for the things on this list.

Reading a Book
I don’t mean an e-book. Put away your kindles and nooks. Get out a bound, glued together, ink printed, foldable pages book. Move your muscles. Books are becoming obsolete too! It’s really sad. When you sit there and read your book and look up and see people reading their kindles, you realize something about the society you live in. Books are sentimental. They hold the hopes and dreams of every reader and writer. Plus they don’t look fake.

Two words: Free Hugs. I am a great believer in hugs. If I could, I would prescribe hugs. The good ones, hugs I mean, envelop you in a big warmth of arm and chest and neck that takes away your worries and anxieties for one moment. It makes you feel so good! Unfortunately, it’s a little awkward asking someone for a hug, unless they know the kind of person you are. Rather sad really. People underestimate the greatness of hugs.

Shopping Sales
The item you really want has just gone on sale for $1 or you find something really awesome and amazing in the sale section. You know what I’m talking about. You get excited, start getting as much as you can and can barely fit everything on the counter. But it’s always great when you can find things for cheap, especially if you’re a broke college student. Makes you believe there’s a god somewhere. Kind of.

Misreading Assignments
The good way, not the bad way. How is that even possible? Well, you think something is due tomorrow and just as you start to work on it, thinking you’re going to have to stay up all night, you double check the assignment or project and find out it’s due next week or next month. A huge sigh of relief, right? Suddenly a great weight you didn’t even know you had is lifted. You wish these things happen more often. At least, I know I do. Unfortunately they don’t.

Day Off
For whatever reason, everything in your schedule just got canceled and you’re looking at a day off. I think this is pretty self explanatory.

I guess that’s pretty much it for the list. I realize some of these things might not count as “little things”, but to each his own, right? I’ll try to think of more and maybe put up a second one. Until then, what do you think of when you hear “the little things in life”?

Like always, happy reading!


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