Sunday Morning Ritual

We all have our little ritual at certain points in our life. Every morning when I wake up and have to go to school I do the exact same thing, but it’s boring so I won’t be writing it here. However, what I will be writing is what I do every Sunday morning.

The most important thing about Sunday is that I can wake up whenever I want. After a week where I wake up to my 7:30 alarm clock every day, I really look forward to waking up naturally on Sunday. Although, unfortunately, since my body is so used to waking up early, it’s getting difficult to sleep past 10 o’clock.

After waking up, I go to the bathroom and then go downstairs. If it’s cold, I grab a light jacket or flannel. Then I head downstairs and say good morning to my parents [sometimes I forget this part]. I usually ask what is for breakfast, but there are times when my mom tells me what I can eat. Then I eat. But before I eat I grab the funny pages and USA Weekend from the Sunday paper. Sunday is the only day of the week my family gets the paper. While I eat breakfast I read the funnies. Most of the time I finish reading before I finish eating. Then I’m left to finish eating without anything to look at. =(

That’s pretty much my Sunday morning. I remember one weekend we went to California to visit my cousins and when I woke up on Sunday it was the weirdest sensation, not being able to read the paper while eating. But maybe that’s just how I am. I like flexible schedules.


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