Horsing Around

“Excuse me, sir,” nickered the Horse to the large Bear coming towards him. “Do you happen to know which way is right?”

“Uh, yea, sure, you just go that-a-way, across the field, to wherever it is you’re going. But I guess it depends on whose right you’re talking about: mine or yours?” asked the Bear.

“I don’t know, good sir. All I really need is to know which is the right way to go. If my way is right, please be so kind to show me, but if your way is right, be ever so good and point it out to me. You are a most wonderful chap. I’m sure you’ll give me the right directions.”

Giant streaks of lightning began to pattern the sky. The ensuing downpour was so heavy, the Horse could no longer see the bear, who stood so close and yet so far from him. On either side off the road, an arc of lightning touched down. Its sparks flew and ignited the dry land into flame.

“Just pick you own direction, man. I don’t know what you’re talking about anymore! Right, right or right, whichever you go, it will be right! I’m outta here. Peace.” The Bear began to turn away.

“Nay, man. Please do not take leave. I am so lost and without any right. You must help me right my way. Do tell me, which way is right?”

The moral of the fable is to be clear in your words and actions.


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