Another Year, Another Day

The holiday season is far upon us and we are starting to slow down, but not really. The mall parking lots are filled to the brim, the lights on houses are loud and bright. The holiday spirit is a little peppier. For students this means finals. The frantic copying of notes, emailing classmates you never knew you had so you can hopefully pass your exam. It means sacrificing hours of sleep and working extra hours at the restaurant so you can pay your bills and hopefully have enough left over to buy that fancy watch on display at the jewelry store.

Recently I celebrated my twenty-first birthday by….studying. I know. I was sober for my twenty-first. Strange. And yet, I enjoyed it. I can say that yes, I do remember what happened on my birthday. It was nice. When finals are over I will get the chance to really party. That will be even nicer.

In other news, another political leader has died and I somehow managed to gain 66 views last Friday. Now that is incredibly strange.


After I published this post a sidebar opened up to tell me this was my 111th post. I think that is quite an achievement. This year is the achievement of ones.

This quote was also there. I think me and him share some procrastination values.
“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” – Stephen Wright


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