Want a cuppa?

Because it is the acceptable thing to do I am drinking tea with milk and coffee with milk 24/7 here and I don’t hate it. It’s actually quite nice and relaxing although I don’t understand how people can drink it that fast. It’s so hot it burns my tongue! Do these people not have the burning gene on their tongues? I guess not. Or maybe their hands are specialized to cool down the tea to a perfect temperature so they can drink it in one go. I have to wait for ten minutes after the water boils before I can drink from my cup, much less hold it. Ouch, that’s hot.

Sandwiches are my new favorite meal. They are easy to prepare and have simple ingredients plus they cover every part of the food pyramid, food circle, pie chart, whatever nutritional value thing. I do believe you can find that out at myplate.gov but I could be wrong.

I don’t know if we have this in America but they have these packets of soup. Similar to how hot chocolate can be in packages, these are packages of soup in which you add boiling water, mix, and then enjoy (Seriously, that’s what the box says) and I’ve had two packets already (there’s a different name for the packet but I can’t remember right now).

This post was all about food because I need to go food shopping and buy milk chocolate digestives and I also need to buy groceries. Our freezer is full so I can only buy fresh things or things to put in the pantry. Fun.


1 Response to “Want a cuppa?”

  1. 1 walt winkman January 20, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    i think you’re on the right track with the hands– remember that all europeans are cold blooded, their chilling fingers encircling the warm oasis of tea, so frosty that if they do not drink fast their tea will soon become a popsicle. welcome to the old world. fancy a cuppa?

    seems that you’re writing more than me. this is ok… im starting to feel like total shit. anxious, sick, like im withdrawing from an old, trusty habit that has done me better than i have sustained it. but no, i recognize this feeling. its the feeling that my papers due at the end of the week and i havent quite checked what it’s on yet. good good good, anxiety is my friend, the pressure is on, time to write.

    i’m like a stem engine. i run on pressure.

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