Something Like That

A few days ago after a successful dinner at Nando’s, the following conversation occurred:

-I wonder if girls can go into the Gentleman’s Club.
-I don’t see why they can’t.
-But I heard that in some places it’s only for guys and girls can’t go in.
-They can’t do that.
-Why not?
-Because that would be sexist.

As we come upon the club (while we’re still debating the matter) I tell one of them to go ask the bouncers. So one of them does. The following conversation occurs:

-Are girls allowed inside?
-Why not?
-Because we’re sexist.
[silence followed by the bouncer laughing]
-Just joking. Yea you’re allowed inside.

Crazy shenanigans in England. Thus far i have booked a trip to Paris with the rest of the internationals and then a trip to London with some internationals that I meant the first couple days here and then I booked another trip to London later in March for some personal time and exploration of London.

Everyone here is incredibly nice and it’s great being part of it, but sometimes it’s also rather lonesome, because of the language barriers I suppose but also the personal barriers. These people have gone through similar things and have already bonded whereas I have just arrived, lived in a different country, went through a different education system and life in general, and yet there are still some things that are universal. Overall, it’s a pretty great experience so far. I have a to read two novels a week for my modules but that’s not too bad. I guess over time, over the term, I’m hoping I become closer friends with these people so eventually when I leave I can consider myself truly part of their little group of friends they have created.


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