Still the Same, and Yet Incredibly Different

It snowed in Norwich last night. There would have been an expanse of three inch deep white snow on the pavement when I woke up except last night we had a two minute running around snowball fight and this morning there were two people making a snowman. Pretty much the snow was trampled to death by the time I woke up. I’m glad I had the first romp in it last night though. That was pretty awesome.

The snow, though, brings me to a very important point. I’m glad there are still many things I can relate to even though I’m in a different country and time zone. It’s not like I’ve fallen to a different universe. I’m still on earth. The sky is still white when it snows and there’s still that eery peaceful silence during a snowfall, as if people are afraid of stirring so they talk in quiet subdued voices. And there they are still boys who want to make snow penises and then take it apart and throw snowballs at your window. Yup, some things are still the same everywhere.

Although, I have to say, the peanut butter here is really good. Maybe it’s because I’ve stayed away from peanut butter for the better part of a year and a half after a certain strange incident, but it is creamy and peanutty and absolutely delicious. I can’t stay away from it.

Another thing I’ve noticed, though people have pointed it out to me before I suppose they haven’t really realized it until now, but I’ve had at least three people already say to me “Wow, you must read really fast.” It’s interesting, what people consider fast and slow because who do they compare it to? The norm? Wouldn’t the norm be themselves? In that case, if it is faster than them, then yes it is fast. If it isn’t then it’s slow. If it is about the same then they’re the same, even if the rest of the world thinks they might be faster, to them they are the same.

Did that make any sense?

Anyway, recently [today] I looked up this book supposedly called “Wreck This Journal” or perhaps it’s a journal. I am not entirely sure about which one it is. Pretty much it is a journal that someone has created and on each page there are instructions and you [the buyer] need to follow the instructions, such as ‘poke holes in this page’. At first it struck me as a really interesting thing to do, but now that I’ve allowed the idea to sink in a little, it’s become more of a ‘what?’ Perhaps it’s because I read it on a post about creativity. Regardless, I feel like if you are buying a journal, you should whatever the fuck you want with it anyway [pardon my French]. You shouldn’t need a journal to make it okay to hammer berries into the pages or to write down all your feelings or color the pages all purple! If you have the urge to be creative, and feel you should do it more often, then do it. Don’t wait for a journal/book to tell you it is okay. If it’s a jumping stone, fine, but you should be making that step. The journal shouldn’t do it for you.

It seems like a pretty cool idea though. You could get some ideas from it, and then just toss the journal aside. But that’s all we really want from a journal, isn’t it? To wreck it. Why else did you buy it? To wreck it with your thoughts and emotions and anything you have lying around. Who cares?

In a sense, it is like snow. When you first get it, it is a blank sheet, but then you walk onto it and you mess it up and it gets brown and muddy and frankly, quite disgusting, but when you step back and look then it is a masterpiece, of sorts.

I’d like to end this post by saying thank you to the people who have been reading and to those who have just popped in to check it out. Happy reading!


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