Sometimes you kind of have to wonder

all those quiet people who stay in their rooms all the time or who keep to themselves, are they having fun? are they enjoying their college life, supposedly the best years of their lives? or do they wish to have done things differently, to be a little more than themselves? or is it just better to be silent and hang in the back?

who came up with mushrooms and cheese?

about those things that lurk in the back of your mind, all those things you wanted to say, all the thoughts you ever had about that boy or that girl or that teacher, what happens to it all? does it go forgotten in the recesses of your mind that is the pit of our existence, or do you someday dredge it up?

could you be that person wearing the loud clothes or that person smiling and laughing with everyone or maybe that quiet one sitting on the bench reading by themself?could you be any of these people that aren’t you? and what would it be like?

should I eat this with my hands and look like a slob or eat this using a fork and knife and fail miserably at it?

milk or cream?

if it is more acceptable to yell out the answer or to raise your hand and wait to be called on?

do people live this messily in their own homes or are they just doing this because no one is nagging at them to clean up after themselves? or are they just being lazy?


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