Op Ed

This post is about my opinions on the Dharun Ravi trial and the incidents concerning Tyler Clementi’s death. When I first heard of the incident a year ago, everything in me hated Dharun Ravi for what he did. I’d been told that he and a friend were the sole reason that lead to Clementi’s suicide. However, I also kept in mind that I had been told this news by a possibly [okay, definitely] unreliable source [The Daily Targum isn’t the best newspaper in the world]. The University gained a lot of media attention in the weeks that followed , which definitely did not help me in making an informed opinion. Since then I have read other articles concerning the case and my previous notions have changed slightly.

I still feel that Ravi’s actions can be viewed as a hate crime, but I also agree that this was an 18 year old kid who was going to a new school where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Except for the fact that he was cocky and he should have known better. I don’t remember the article now, but one article I read contained excerpts from Ravi’s twitter account. The language that I read struck me as immature and crass. I thought, How can someone live with such opinions in today’s society? The words I read were the words of someone who had been living in a world that was not up to date with current events. Not just him either, but the friends that he spoke to. It annoyed me greatly to read their conversations. I really just wanted to smack some sense into him and his friends.

But that is besides the point. Ravi could have stopped himself but he didn’t, and that is perhaps the part that bothers me the most. Regardless of whether it was a hate crime, or he was unknowing, the entire incident evolved from stupidity and now we have lost a life. Games are fun until someone gets hurt.

I am happy he was found guilty. If he had taken the plea bargain that would have been fine too. I am mostly happy that he now knows the consequences of his actions and hope that these events will be a lesson to everyone else.


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