Time Differences (are annoying)

My thoughts jump out of windows and fly through the stinted air to your balcony. It drifts into your open mouth where you swish it around with the beer you are sipping casually, pretending you like alcohol.My thoughts have infected your being and soon your mind turns to me and you wonder what I am doing. Who am I with? Where am I going? Can you come with me? You imagine me sitting in my chair, the one in front of my desk, where I am clicking away at the keyboard, hoping to write the next best seller. You wish you could stand behind me and touch my hair, smooth it down with your gentle but awkward hands. You want to touch my pale skin and put away that silly beer bottle. But you can’t. And you won’t. I am a million miles away from you and you are too far away from me and neither of us can reach our arms out far enough to speak. Words are useless.


I’ve been working on an essay [which was due yesterday] so I haven’t quite been keeping up with the alphabet stories, but now that the essay is finished, I’ll have time to continue with that and to start looking into traveling plans for Easter break and May.

Wrote the above because I felt I needed to write something before jumping back into the alphabet stories [to make up for lost days, I suppose].

Boys are ridiculous.


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