This is Where I Live

Sunset by dandelionvino
Sunset, a photo by dandelionvino on Flickr.

I finally decided to get a flickr account so that I could put up pictures more easily and what did I find? I’d already had a flickr account due to some Verizon Yahoo! email address created back in 2007. Yeah. So I’ve actually had a flickr account but never knew and therefore never used it. Now I plan to make full use of it though. I’m slowly putting up the pictures I’ve taken in my travel abroad. There’s a 300MB limit per month and I’ve almost reached mine but when I have a chance I hope to put up tons and tons of pictures. And then I can link to them here on WordPress!
This picture is of the sunset on one particularly sunny day a month or so back. You can see my reflection in the window, I live on the second floor next to the Wensum River in Norwich, England. The river contains ducks and seagulls and swans. When it is nice out, like that day, and the most recent days, there are fishermen along the river’s banks, sitting in chairs and sipping beers, waiting for something to catch. I love it here. The streets are beautiful as well. I’ll put up another picture another time.

The Norwich Cathedral

The most notable landmark where I live is the Norwich Cathedral. The courtyard is surround by four corridors, and each one feels like you have been transported to the world of Harry Potter. This particular shot of the Cathedral’s spire is taken from the back, a kind of surprise shot. I don’t know if you can tell, but the Cathedral is actually really tall. I felt like the courtyard picture couldn’t really do justice to how large and magnificent the actual place is, so this shot, which only captures the smallest portion, can give some evidence to suggest that this is a big building.

Check out my Flickr for other pictures. I have just uploaded my London pictures from my first trip to London. There will be more pictures coming soon as I am going back to London this weekend. I am hoping to upload more of my pictures on there, not just my travel pictures, to hopefully motivate me into taking more professional pictures rather than just tourist pictures. Yay for photography!


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