It is dark in this house

My arms glow with the faded light of a computer’s technological advances, typing in the dark. The daylight has faded ever so slowly but now the sky is glittering blue in the back. Streetlights turn on. They are orange and the bugs fly into it, blinded by the fake sun. I am happy but look forward to tomorrow, where more overwhelming thoughts of travel and monetary genocide will occur soon. My story continues on its paper, written, but far from completed.


On a more serious note, I haven’t been doing a good job with the alphabet stories. I think I left off with “J” last Friday when I left for London, where I would have spent the weekend without cash due to a fiasco with my debit card, but thankfully my friend was kind enough to loan me enough money for the weekend. I now wait in anticipation for my new debit card, hoping it will arrive here before I depart for the mainland. Europe is expensive and money/card problems are not what I need right now.

I managed to finish my prose dissertation on the train ride back to Norwich but it is far from completed. I still need to type it into my computer and then do some major editing. The ending was definitely written too quickly and without much attention because I couldn’t concentrate very well with the woman sitting next to me in an almost empty train.

Traveling requires many details, which I never realized until now, because I am organizing my own traveling and it is giving me headaches and frustration and anxiety that I do not want to deal with. However, once that is over I can live my life peacefully as I travel so I need to man up and do it. My transportation is all set. Next step is living arrangements, printing out tickets and reservations, and packing. And hopefully my new card arrives before I leave without it!


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