It is Easter Break right now. Pretty much everyone in my flat is gone except for me. Although I won’t be here too long either. Tomorrow I’m meeting with my adviser to go over [is that word really spelt with an e instead of an o? weird] my dissertation and then on Wednesday I’m off at 6am for London to catch a plane to Barcelona! How exciting.

Then it’s off to Paris then Venice, Florence, and Italy. All this planning and booking caused some major frustration and anxiety issues, plus some credit card and debit card issues, but those are almost resolved and now I cannot wait to go! Of course there’s going to be the last minute packing and looking up of places to go and be a tourist. When I get on the plane I’ll realize I forgot to pack something, but oh well, we’re off.

A couple days ago I got a goodreads account and I personally think it is a great website. I can keep track of all the books I’ve ever read [kind of impossible but I’m trying to keep it as close to as possible] and I get to keep track of all the books I want to read/should read [which is also another very difficult task]. I think it’s a bit of a good thing that I discovered this website here, overseas, in England where my bookshelf and 1/20 the size of my bookshelf at home [okay that number might be exaggerated a bit]. If I were at home I’d probably be inputting every single book on that shelf, either into my read or to-read shelf. I’m still working out how to work the website, but from what I’ve gathered, you can list the books you own, and move them between shelves, make up other shelves [for instance I have a favorites shelf]. For every book you’ve read you can rate it 1-5 stars, and then if you edit the shelf you can add a review of the book and other things too. That bit is still a little confusing. There’s also lots of book groups to join. I believe a vast majority of them are book clubs, where they pick a book to read between a certain time and then they discuss it. Which is pretty neat. There’s also quizzes and lists and polls. You can also post writing on there. That was a surprise.

Still finding out more about the site but I do need to start learning about the places I’m going to travel to! Really excited! So yea, probably won’t hear from me for a couple weeks. I hope everyone enjoys their Easter!


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