Epic Cleaning Fest

I returned from my twelve days of travel last night around 10:30 pm GMT and proceeded to do epic amounts of laundry. All because our laundry machine would be taken away the next morning. Seeing as how I’d worn my clothes repeatedly over the past two weeks in foreign lands, it was necessary that I wash my clothes.

So I did.

And then today I decided to continue the cleaning spree and washed my scarves. And my bag. And I must say, cleaning my bag worked out better than I thought it would. I’m talking about my cross-body bag that works as a purse. I don’t know about other women out there, but for some reason there is always a darker, jean colored imprint from where my butt rubs against the fabric. For pretty much every cross-body bag I own [which is quite a few. I love them] there is that imprint and I have tried cleaning them before with damp clothes but to no avail. The stain remained. Until today! I have triumphantly found a solution. Now, this solution may only work for slightly waterproof bags, seeing as how easily the stain came off, but it is worth trying on other bags and cloth bags.

Here is what you do:

Take a sponge [a clean one, or relatively] and pour a small amount of detergent [clothes detergent, obviously] onto the back of the sponge. The sponge should be one of those two sided ones, one with the spongey side and one with the rougher scrapier side. The side you should pour the liquid onto is the rougher side. Make sure the sponge is damp. Now attack the stain. Rub in one direction at first and then slowly back and forth. When I did it I could see the stain beginning to lift off the fabric. Try going in a circular motion after the backwards and forwards direction, the ensure that all the little woven bits are gotten at from all angles. Then, rinse.

Voila! Your bag should be cleaner. Now I’ve only tried this with one bag [my LeSportSac bag] and it worked relatively well. There is a small spot that wouldn’t come off, but most of it did, surprisingly. I hope this works for other people!

I will shortly be posting a series of posts about my traveling experiences and tips. Look forward to first hand knowledge and awesome pictures!!


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