Sometimes, okay most of the time, when I have something to do but do not want to do it, I procrastinate. However, this procrastination can take on different forms. It usually takes on the form of things I like to do but do not have time to do, and suddenly when something is due [like coursework] I have all the time in the world to try out those new recipes or to go shopping or to watch a movie I’ve been meaning to watch. A lot of times it’s also going on Facebook [what a terrible website. Why did you invent it, Mark??]

Sometimes, though [oh I just started both paragraphs with sometimes. Oops!] I like to think, or just sit back and look at the world. I do that a lot already but I suppose it happens more when I’m procrastinating. I suppose this post shouldn’t really be called anti-procrastination, because I’m just writing about ways that I procrastinate. But it is also a form of anti-procrastination because you learn more about yourself too. I know I do. All those things I like to do when I’m avoiding coursework show me the secret desires I’ve had but never fully noticed before.

Yes. This is a form of procrastination. I have a dissertation due on Monday and an essay due on Wednesday. Both are written! I just don’t want to edit them.

Time to go do some more anti-procrastination.


2 Responses to “Anti-Procrastination”

  1. 1 Neat-Che Guevara April 27, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    What is wrong with you? Editing is the second most satisfying part of the entire process. Writing is like sex, an introduction (foreplay), middle, and an end (orgasm). Editing is the naked shower afterward, all fun and warm,
    with no serious consequences beside cleaning up.

    • 2 pkmunches April 27, 2012 at 1:38 pm

      Oh, I agree with you. I’m just the best procrastinator ever, you know that, and therefore I don’t feel like editing. Just like how sometimes I don’t feel like taking a shower afterwards. I know I should, but I’m lazy. I enjoy editing, but I also kind of dread it, because I can’t bear to part with my work. Why are you being so mean to me =(

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