One of Those Days

Today is definitely one of those days that you know is going to go super slowly. I’ve been awake for three hours now. It is 2 in the afternoon but it feels like it should be closer to 4. The sky is gray, incredibly gray, borderding almost on white with not a hint of sun. It is also windy and the pavement is wet. Everyone in my flat has their door closed because everyone is revising [that’s English speak for “studying”] for exams. I have been working too, and perhaps it is because I have been working that it feels like more time has passed than how much actually has.

I guess, to perhaps wake myself up before I get back to editing my dissertation, I will write a short story. I haven’t been keeping up with the alphabet stories very well. I do believe I am on letter “P”.


Please help. I need to find my family but I don’t have any money. Please. Excuse me, sir. Please, my family is counting on me to bring back food and water, but they’ve disappeared somewhere. Please, no no don’t go! Please I’m not asking for much. Just some spare change. Whatever you can spare. See, look. Take a look at my jar. There’s no money in it. Only a few pennies and nickels. Nothing. It’s not enough to feed a family. I’ve got three kids. The youngest is only two! Oh please, won’t you help? Miss? Little girl over there? Good sir? No one?

Get out of the way, you filthy tramp.

Oh, please, don’t you have any spare change? Please, my family. Help me find my family.

What? No, get off me you disgusting vermin.

Just a little is enough. Anything to help. Nothing at all? Oh you must have some pennies lying around. Please sir.

Get off me or I’m calling the cops.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Kids? Darling, where are you? Oh darlings, where have you gone. Why have you left Mommy here, all by herself. I told you not to leave. Stupid little shits. Why can’t you ever listen to your mother. I’m telling you to stay where you are! Can’t even get a decent amount of change because none of you are here to help me. Goddammit. Little runts have run off with their bastard father. Come back here, sweeties! Mommy’s got some nice ham and bread. We’ll go and get some cheese at the deli. Come here. Oh darlings! Please, spare change? Anything to help. Just a little bit. Please, sir. Spare change. Spare some change.

Here. Now beat it.

Oh thank you, thank you. Lord bless you. Savior. Thank you, thank you. Excuse me, please. Don’t you have any change? Oh thank you, thank you. How gracious of you. Thank you. Could you help me find my children? They’ve run off somewhere. The youngest is only two. She can’t fend for herself. The oldest is only ten. They don’t know. Please, help me find my children. Help. Please.


That’s it. Happy reading!


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