Things that Begin with the Letter F

Our fridge is broken. Just the fridge. [Okay, I suppose the full name is refridgerator, which begins with the letter r, but everyone calls it a fridge anyway.]

Our flat has a fridge and freezer combo, those things that have the fridge on top and then the freezer on the bottom. We’ve had some issues with the thing but it’s always been good to us. Until yesterday. A little after noon when I went to make my lunch, as I was taking my cheese out of the fridge I noticed it was very soft. And warm. So then I just stuck my hand in and noticed that I wasn’t cold in any way. I touched some more things in the fridge to confirm [sorry guys, just the plastic though] and everything was room temperature, or warm. The fridge was broken! So then I opened the freezer and, strangely enough, our freezer was freezing. It was so cold, in fact, that there was frost on the little plastic drawers. Wow, really cold. And here our fridge was stuck in limbo.

So we decided to let it be, hoping it would turn itself back on but by dinner time it still hadn’t so we called maintenance [since we live in university housing] and they said that someone would be out to look at it soon. My flatmate who called failed to ask when “soon” was. We’re still waiting.

Because our fridge now cannot hold anything, we mostly stuck the meats and stuff in the freezer, but left the fruits and veggies, hoping that the maintenance people will be here “soon” to assess the situation. Which meant to me that I just needed to eat my fruits and veggies [which I’d just bought the day before] faster than I would have liked, so I made myself some bowls of fruit throughout yesterday and today.

Although I suppose it was a good thing I chose to eat my fruit because it was wonderfully sweet, but not too sweet, and because the weather was nice out, it just made it seem a little closer to summer.

Close Up

Hopefully the fridge people will come look at the fridge tomorrow! I also asked the housekeeper if I could get a box from them to ship my books home but she told me to come back tomorrow morning, so hopefully I can get a box tomorrow morning too!


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