Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday was May Day in England. It is the first Monday of May. This is England’s celebration of the coming of summer. more information on May Day can be found here.

Unfortunately, it rained pretty much all day yesterday. And last night. So I don’t think the weather knows that it should be summer now. It’s cloudy and sunny today, though, on and off. I guess that’s a little better.

Why am I talking so much about the weather? Because people like to talk about the weather here. A lot. Not just as a conversation starter either. Just for fun. On the mornings when I happen to be here when the cleaner is here, she’ll talk to me about the weather. Seriously. Every single time there is at least some mention of the weather. Today we talked about where I would be traveling after my exams and she suggested I go to Wroxham to see the Norfolk Broads, if the weather is nice. Haha, I see what she did there. Yea, it’s always an iffy thing with the weather here. You want to go somewhere but if the weather is absolute crap, then it’s not as nice.

The cleaner [Pam] told me she went to Scotland a few years back in the winter and it snowed. She said it made it that much better. I bet it did. Not jealous at all. Okay, maybe a little bit. I am going to Scotland after my exam though, so that’s okay. [My bus is at 4:50 am the morning after my exam. How’s that for right after my exam?]

I guess I should go study now [or, as the British say, revise]. Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters are taking over my life.


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