Life in Summary

I have always found it difficult to give plot summaries of books but I have found it an extremely difficult task for the novels by Austen and the Bronte sisters. So much vital information is packed into the novels that by leaving one little part out seems like the story cannot be told. Which, I suppose, goes to show just how amazing these stories are and why they are deemed classics. In a sense, it is almost like trying to sum up your life. How do you sum up twenty years of life without leaving out the important bits? If I were told to give an extremely short summary of my life I would be forced to say “I lived.” However, that tells the person nothing. Well, I suppose it does tell them something rather important, but nothing much else to go on. How else could I sum up my life except by telling my story from beginning until now? It would be an autobiography! That is exactly the very difficult task I am forced to do with these classics. But I have done it.

I suppose I never mentioned this, but we got our new fridge literally the day after I posted about it [click here to read what I’m talking about!] In the morning, around 9am, I was making my usual porridge and banana breakfast [healthy, I know] and two maintenance workers walk into the kitchen, asking if our fridge is broken. I tell them it is and tell them exactly what was wrong with it. They have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it so they tell me they’re going to get us a new one! It arrives later that afternoon. The new fridge is much taller, and although our freezer space has increased, the fridge space seems smaller, perhaps because the space between the shelves is smaller. There are more shelves though, so we probably have more space there too. It just doesn’t seem it.

I can’t wait for this exam to be over.


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