Some Thoughts in Space

I like watching the cement become dappled as it starts to rain.

Heavy rain is always the best because then you know you can’t hide from it.

Birthdays are for cake and friend time.

Everything else is far more interesting when exams are around the corner.

Dust collects on so many things, it’s impossible to clean it all, so why bother?

I would do a countdown for when I can finally be back home, but I think that would just stress me out.

Marker on your face seems fun at first but the morning after it just looks silly. And difficult to wash off.

Water is delicious.

I learned that the bruise under my toenail can take up to a year to grow out. I guess I’m going to be wearing a lot of nail polish this summer.

Sun during rain is really strange, but I really like it. It always reminds me of the Fox’s Wedding.


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