Last Days

It is my last day here in Norwich. My last full day. The last few days have been full of skyping, friends, laughter, and lots of packing. I have gained so much more, literally and figuratively, from when I arrived here in January. My suitcases and my heart are proof of that.

I took one last walk through Norwich center, an amended walk because it’s windy and chilly [I will not miss the weather]. I ate my third and last meal from the Norwich Market, a pork roast sandwich on a white roll with stuffing, apple sauce, crackling, and some salt and pepper from Hank’s Hog Roast. It was delicious. [I took a picture, which I will upload later.] The cute compact town feel of this place will make me want to find a replica closer to home, so that I can frequent it all the time.

Later this evening I will have a real English tea party with my flatmates and friends, filled with scones, crumpets, cucumber sandwiches [with vinegar?] and of course, tea. I wonder how many of those things will actually make it onto the table, though. We are all poor university students, some more poor than others.

The anticipation for tomorrow morning, when I board my taxi to the airport and chuck my suitcases onto the conveyor belt that will load them onto the plane, is killing me. I can’t wait and yet I don’t want it to arrive.

I wish I could teleport.


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