Leaving so Soon

I’m back in America only to be leaving again in less than a week now, heading off to a summer filled adventure in Taiwan. I’ve been so busy seeing people and doing things that today is the first day that I’ve had to just kick back and relax, and relax I did. Apart from some shopping this morning I finally managed to start doing some exercise again and just going on the computer to check up on things. Every day since I’ve been back has just been in and out of the house, eating at restaurants, getting things done for my summer and all that. It’s quite tiring. I’m quite tired. I would amount it to jet lag but also just doing so many things during the day. It’s not going to be much better when I get to Taiwan. I’ll get a day there and then speed off to orientation week where they have so many activities planned for us. It’s going to be so much fun though. I’ll probably get more time to relax once I settle into the 9-5 work days that I have for the next two months. That should be fun. And then I come back late August to pack and leave for my last year at University. Oh my goodness.


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