I’m Still Here

No, I haven’t forgotten about this little gem here. I have, however, been extremely busy since leaving the great United Kingdom for the small little state of New Jersey. In the week and a half I had back home I spent all of my days with friends, getting lunch, and more lunch, and more food, and coffee, and going to the beach, and shopping. Then evenings I hung out with my parents, aka watched tv and caught up on my favorite series [NCIS what did you do??] Then I quickly packed my suitcase and then the day after I headed off to Taiwan!

And that is where I am now. That was back in June. Since then I’ve attended a week long orientation session for the program I am attending. And then I started work this week at the Taipei Medical University! I’m working as a student intern in the International Office working on publicity for the university, namely English-related publicity. By English I mean the language, not the nation. I’ve been fixing the grammatical errors of the websites and also questioning the relevance of some of their material. I’m also working more closely with the Shuang Ho Hospital so I helped edit their JCI report for the JCI convention [which is occurring in a couple weeks]. Soon I’m hoping to finish working on their websites and begin learning about the important research they’re doing so that I can write some articles to help more people learn about what a wonderful hospital it is. I am not just saying that. From reading their brochures and things, the hospitals seem pretty cool.

Pictures shall follow soon as well as a more in depth post. I haven’t even finished my Roman journey yet! So many things to do, so little time.

At least there’s good food.


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