It’s on

A friend I made through TTT encouraged me to post everyday and I thought it’d be a good idea but then I promptly forgot about it until now. She’s been doing a pretty good job but I haven’t so I thought I’d start nice and simple–with a recap of my end of semester fun.

So much food! And champagne!!

The day before I left my friend threw me a real English tea part and made me tons of food that none of us managed to finish. There were six of us. And quite a lot of food.

They even got me gifts!! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that. I kind of knew something was up [sorry guys!!] but not how much food they had prepared! And gifts on top of that? It was the sweetest thing and I’m going to miss them so much.

But now I’m in Taiwan and having awesome sweaty humid times with tiny little ants. Yay!



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