It’s 9 o’clock in the Morning

The sun is bright. Shadows are the only places that provide cooling shade unless you carry an umbrella with you. The air is moist so the breeze does nothing to keep you from cooling down, except for the droplets of sweat now dampening your shirt. The cold surprises you and you shiver a little bit. Across the street you look for your bus. It is not there yet. Motorcycles and cars rush past you as you wait by the crosswalk. If you walked into the street right now they wouldn’t care. That’s just how it is in Taiwan.Yellow taxis especially. You remember that one time your aunt took you to a night market and you both decided to take a taxi home. The taxi driver honked his horn at the cars coming the other direction as the light turned red on you. Actually the light was already red but he decided to go anyway and the horn was his way of letting the other side know.

39 seconds left to cross to the other side. Did the chicken ever get that much time? You make it across in 10 seconds and shrivel under your umbrella. The sidewalk stretches on and the sun continues to burn. When will your bus arrive?


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