I had a dream
where darkness took me through the night
and upon my back he placed his hand
cold and thin yet firmly gripped
it held me still and lead me through
a maze of thin-walled bamboo
over a sea of bright shining light
cast by the full moon
and as we landed on the sandy banks
he spoke to me as lovers do
a whisper that sounded above my ear
I strained to listen but could not hear
then the hand disappeared and was replaced
by a crippling whack upon my head
down upon the sand I fell
everything went straight to black.

I awoke the next morning feeling fine
no memory of that crazy night
except a strange feeling upon my back
and I remembered his voice
quiet and low and hauntingly smooth
telling me things I never knew
so I waited until I fell asleep
and confronted him when he came again
but he threw me upon my back
and I fell through to the core below
it burned and seared and he was there
holding me together from falling apart
and I woke again to find him there
but disappearing as the sun hit home
telling me that I would be alone.


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